Full Day

Opening day of the Shattuck FFA greenhouse was today.  It was packed FULL of green.  And we sold a pile.  It went really well. But, we’ve still got a lot.  We had a lot of customers from other towns.  I like it.  I am still learning about this side of agriculture but it is fun to see what is in demand and use some ideas to teach about value-added products.  You know something is going right when the kids are buying the projects before the sale.

Some boys finished up welding some projects to take to a local consignment auction.

Getting ready to head to state CDE contests this weekend.

I see that there was a buck sale tonight.  I didn’t mean to miss it but I was dealing with goat related problems.  Which does NOT mean that I didn’t buy anything.

My favorite son has hit a road bump or twelve during the past month.  He hasn’t been capable of doing much right.  Therefore, I had grounded him from driving.  Wednesday was the first day that I let him have the keys again.  And guess what, I now get to pay a deductible and get a pickup repaired.  Nobody was hurt, but dang it still pisses a dad smooth off.

The insurance agent that called from “corporate” had questions.   “Sir, how long has this child lived with you?”

I replied, “Since he was hatched.”  She actually laughed and then asked, “So, he lives with you?”

“Yes.  But ma’am, if you’ve have ever had a teenage son, then you know that there are definitely times that you would like him to live elsewhere.” , said ME!

One thing about a teenage son that knows that he is in trouble, some work gets done around the place.  Barns are clean.  And a bonus of his being grounded–I haven’t had a big fuel bill to pay at the local quick stop.

Banners & Backdrops this weekend.  Sounds like a really good line up of goats that will be there.


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