Full Day

I didn’t do much but I got a lot done.  It was a short day at Shattuck Schools so I hauled a couple of sheep and a few goats for several kids to the Perry Sale Barn.  This was a somewhat traumatic yet cathartic experience for me.  I have bought high dollar wethers for others but not so much for my own kids.  However, this past year, I spent some cash on a wether.  This wouldn’t be the first time that I have mentioned it.  No matter, it is now done.  Next Tuesday, there will be a check in the mail that will finalize how much I lost on this deal.

I then made my way to REI.  The cool thing about my stops there, they just add it to my monthly statement.  It’s all good.

Although I made some miles, I did not eat anywhere cool.  But, I did stop and look at a set of clubby steers.  The wind had died down, the calves were not blown out and pimped up, the sun was out and dang dude, I just enjoyed watching some good stock stroll around.

From time to time, I have been asked what kind of stock that I truly like.  Sound, functional animals with enough muscle and a cool look.  Anybody can single trait select for muscle.  But, a correct skeleton with ample muscle and a good look are always good.  It is harder to make correct than it is a freak.

Speaking of a damn good one.  I got word tonight that Blood Pressure had to be put down.  That one was Damn Good Livestock.  Feet and legs were correct.  Ribcage was right.  Hip, tail setting, pin width and chest floor were wicked good.  I have had the luxury of seeing some great livestock in my time.  People, Blood Pressure was one of the best.  I have no doubts that his genetics will prove true.

And how about the Hummel post of 900.2   That deal looks wicked.

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