I enjoyed the Disney movie Frozen.  Excellent movie, but not the greatest Disney movie of all time.  That title goes to the Lion King.  Not only is the Lion King the best animated movie of all time, that flick is also in the Kelln top 10 of all time.  Even if you want to argue with me, you can’t.  That movie was and forever shall be one of the all time greats.  

Speaking of frozen, it was a bit chilly here in paradise.  It is about time.  We got a 1/4 inch of rain from Saturday to Monday.  Not enough, but we’ll take it.  18 miles away in Shattuck, USA, there was over 1.25″.  The combination of cool temps and moisture made for a chilly morn.  It wasn’t frozen this morning, but it felt like November is supposed to feel.  The wethers needed blankets.  I needed a hoodie and the diesel pickup needed more than a couple of minutes to warm up.  I did notice that there were NO flies–at all–today.   Is that because of the election?  I doubt it.  But I am glad to be free of flies.  

Has hell frozen over?  I don’t think so.  But if you watch/listen/read much of the mainstream media crap from today, then one might think that hell hath frozen over.  But no.  It hasn’t.  It just got cold enough to slow some flies down.  Our political process is much the same.  The stinch of our political system is just suppressed right now. When things heat up, the aroma will grow stonger.  Trump can’t fix it.  It will take more than just a Trump card.  It will take all of us.  Politically, a message was sent, but it will take a constant barage of messages, billboards, phone calls, etc. to fix this thing.  We must vote.  It is fixable and it is worth fixing.  

Speaking of the election and Trump winning.  What happened to those celebrities that are leaving the US of A if Trump won?  Cher, Samuel L. Jackson and Jon Stewart were a few of them that have done some work over the years that I kind of liked.  Babs Streisand hasn’t done anything in decades.  The rev. al sharpton–not sure of his work other than to show up for a presser, but is he still here?  miley cyrus–please, leave. I meant to say, Please Leave.   Whoopi Goldberg–what, who, alright, leave.  Chelsea Handler–Spain–sure, go to your house that you already have in Spain that you paid for by working in America.  Get gone and stay there. I’ve watched your loud mouth crap at night.  Your mouth is worse than mine or Trumps.  Leave.  No loss.  No matter who won, I know that the USA is better off if you are somewhere else.  

I did not want any clinton to be in office.  EVER.  From the early 90s to now.  I have yet to vote for a clinton.  But, I also never threatened to leave if bill or hillary were ever elected.  BUT, if I had threatened to leave, then I would have fallen through and left. My dumb ass would be living elsewhere if I had threatened to move.  Of course, if I moved to a different country, it would be to Texas.  It’s like a whole other country.  At least that’s what the ads used to say.   

Hell no, hell has not frozen over.  The undeniable fact that hell has frozen is when Okie State is declared a national champion in football.  OSU, my alma mater, has won a pile of national championships in a lot of events. But, football, nope. Not going to happen.  It is just wishful thinking.  Personally, I’m good as long OSU beats the UO. (that would be the University of Oklahoma, but they prefer to be called ou.  Even though, that isn’t their official name.)

Wait.  What?  OSU has won a national championship in football?  Google it?  Some group named OSU as the 1945 national champions in football. This just recently happened.  Dude, this one doesn’t count.  No need for ice skates or snow cones in Hades…just yet.  

Hell hath not frozen over…just yet.  But, we are a day closer.