Everybody has a few.  Some have more.  Yeah, it was a good TV show.  I’m actually pretty selective about what I term a friend.  I’ve got one, maybe two, hopefully more than that.  I probably have more than I deserve.  

      I judge a friend by how that person would treat my family if I wasn’t around.  I would way rather somebody help Tammy and/or my kids than help me.  I’m lucky that my best friend has a nick-name (shouldn’t all best friends?)  This Dragon Lady has been good for me.  I actually have no negative thoughts as I type this.  I’m not mad at anybody.  I’ve just had time to think for the past couple of days.  

    I know that I have a pair of brothers that will do whatever it takes.  It’s good to have a pair of eyes, ears, nuts and brothers.  Those dudes (brothers not the nuts)  are better than money in the bank.  I know that my daughter is doing just fine and will be fine.  And this son of mine, well, let’s just say that I don’t lie awake, worrying about if he will be a good person or not.  I enjoyed watching Kela grow into a fine adult, but it will be more interesting watching this brother of hers.  He has obviously inherited some pretty strong genetics.

     I have had a really good last couple of days.  It wasn’t  all bad.  I wouldn’t call it a waste of time.  But I travaled all over, saw lots and lots of goats.  No matter what you’re interests are in this program,  remember your friends. 

    Have a good day and a better tomorrow.