Friday, uh, the 13th

     It hasn’t been a scary day but has been a day that reminded me what I didn’t like about teaching ag.

–OYE online entries

–Dealing with unorganized parents that don’t have their crap together in order for the old, fat ag teacher to complete OYE entries.  Even though I gave the 12th as a deadline 2 weeks ago.  Yes, I know that they aren’t actually due until the 20th, but I don’t like things half-assed or late.  

–Proficiency award applications.

–Computer glitches in online record books/proficiency award applications that result in 4 hours of my life that I can never get back.

–Parent/Teacher conferences–What a monumental waste of time!! RUSM?!  The parents that come to parent/teacher conferences are the ones that are already helping their kids.  It is the POS, mouth-breathing, oxygen wasting parents that NEED to come to parent/teacher conferences, but DON’T.  

What I like about teaching ag on Friday the 13th?

–I worked in the ag building till 7 last night. Kids came and worked on speeches, record books and projects while I was there for “parent/teacher conferences”.  Today, these “conferences” were to last until noon.  Kiids were there till 3 this afternoon.  I had to tell them to leave because I had goat customers coming to the house.  

–The fact that I have all but 2 kids entered online for OYE.  Wait. Wait for it.  Yep, there it is.  I just got the text with the last of the needed info. Like a Michael Jordan jump shot with time running out in a championship series while he has the flu–It’s Good!!!

–Kids and parents that say magic words.  You know the words–Thank You.

–I don’t care where you live, there are good kids that want to work and try to (excuse me)  will succeed.  They just want the opportunity and for somebody to show them the way.  I’m not as good as I once was, but I still have a flashlight that can point the way to those in the dark.  

      I got home in time for some goat customers to bring their goats over.  The weather was perfect.  Duke had done most chores.  The goats that I looked at, looked good.  Condition– right on track.  Showmanship–getting close to being right.  Hair coat–some better than others.  Kids attitudes–GREAT!  You can tell that some of these kids are just going to make these goats their buddies.  Better yet, all of these families said, “Thank you” and were considerate that it was my time that we were on.  Nobody was writing me a check.  The only thing that was getting spent was my time.  I know how to make a dollar or two and I dang sure can count money.  But, I don’t lose sleep over trying to make money.  However, I do keep track of magic words.  No matter what day it is.

      It just so happened that today was my lucky day.  And tonight, even better.  Duke is at the movies with friends.  Oh, and Tammy is at the movies with friends.  I hope that they aren’t at the same movie!?!  Which leaves me at home alone.  Tesla, KISS, George & Huey Lewis & the News are playing.  The speakers are turned up to 11.  If it is too loud than you are too old.  Might even have to break a seal on some private stock.  I kind of like being alone.  Which means that I need to tell Duke and Tammy–THANK YOU!  I hope that tomorrow is this good.  Or even better.  Speaking of luck, here’s to hoping you clowns have nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks in your future.  

    OH, OH!  I almost forgot.  I was so lucky today that I was included in a group text that started with a “Voice Message”.  It was a perfect message for a late Friday afternoon.  A great American that was included responded to this group text.  Big I, yes, THE Big I replied and I quote–accurately and with exact spelling–“Djsysbznzkshxhs”.    I’m pretty sure that Bryan Kennedy was the only person in this group text that was talking the same language as Big I.  As for me, I was like a lot of the Mexicans in this part of the world.  I understood what he said, but I couldn’t put it into proper English.  I laughed and laughed hard.  At least he spelled his comments correctly.  Have a great day and a better tomorrow. Get Bent!