Friday night

Got the pig to vet to get his ass sewn back in. Drove like a spotted assed zebra to make it to Pfeiffer’s before the sale started. Got there with enough time to look through the wethers. There was five or six that I thought were way good. I was suprised that a couple of them didn’t bring more than they did. I thought lot 3 might bring 5 or more and lot 6 might bring 10. Big crowd and almost all had money to spend. The sale average had to be pretty good. Didn’t take long to sell 60 wethers. Old Bonham can run right through them. Better be on your A game and pay attention or you will miss your goat. Lots of people still needing goats in OK and Texas.

Unloaded goats, then loaded one and headed back to Cleo to pick up the trailer and the pig and then head for the house to unload and do chores. Duke was at the barn at 10 p.m. when I got home. It was Friday night and the Dragon Lady wasn’t making him go to bed. Cats and coons were terrorized were for several hours.

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