Friday, Friday, yes Friday!!

     I’ve had better Fridays, but I’ve dang sure had worse.  Work was good because I like the people there.  But….tomorrow is going to be better.  

Duke and I burnt horns on a set of kids tonight.  Not fun, but it went well.  I can tell you this much, when the Duke is wanting to get a job done, there is none better.  He and I are having more moments that don’t involve talking, or any verbal communication…just actions.  For those of you that know me, It is a common deal that I just want to get stuff done.  And I may just roll my eyes, growl, groan and just do it without any help.  Duke has the same affliction.

      Speaking of afflictions,  I read an article that proves that people who cuss are more honest.  This research shows that cussers have nothing to hide, don’t care what others think and THEREFORE, are more honest.   

      No, I did NOT do the research.  I just saw it on the XM radio and read it on the internet.  It has to be true.  I guarand@mNtee that it is right.  Who the %uc* would know more about cussing and honesty than me?  Effing NOBODY!  Th@t’$ who!  

      The radio deal did list actual researcher names.  I think that there is some truth to this research.  But, I also bet that no matter what cause, you could find research to support your theory.  

      Here’s my newest theory.  I am real sure that I would rather have the mis-spelled last name of KELLN than have to make a reservation and use SCHNEBERGER as the sign in name.  Or Schovanec.  Is that spelled with a….”Oh hell!?  Just call me Bob and get me seated.” 

      That’s the great thing about my name– I only have to worry about one vowel.  i do like it when somebody comes in the store, looks at my name and says, “You related to the Kelln’s in Shattuck?”  My common reply, “You ever see that name, spelled like that, anywhere else?”  The answer is always the same…”NO”.  Well, there you go.  

     Yeah, it was a Friday.  Monday is going to be a big, steamoing pile of…….let’s just stick with Friday evening.   Monday will show up, no matter what.  Some days are just better than others.  

     Stop for just a second and say a prayer for  all of our soldiers and veterans.  They did it so that we don’t have to.  Hats off and cheers.  Here’s a little Kelln rule…Never miss a chance to buy a beer or pick up a tab for our men & women that are serving.  SALUTE!   

     Tomorrow starts a whole new chapter.  Maybe even chapter 119.  Or at least the start thereof.  Here’s to you and all that matters. Good day.