Friday, Friday, Friday!!

     Friday is here.  Saturday will be better.  The weather people are calling it a 100% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning.  We’ll see.  It looks like we finally stopped the chinese from spamming my email account.  You want to talk about something that looks wicked, try looking at 25 to 30 emails in your inbox that are in chinese letters.  Maybe, it was actually some chinese people needing show goats or semen on Rumour at $1,000 per straw.  I’ll never know.

     It’s the time of year to be thinking about blanketing your show goats.  We have a rule that if you need a hoodie on when you go outside, then your goats need at least a canvas blanket.  If you need a jacket, then the goats need a lined blanket.  And if you need mutliple layers, so do the goats.  Sometimes, you have to put a blanket on at night, then take it off the next day.  Animals need to be kept comfortable in order to look the part.  

     If you need blankets then you need to get in contact with Brooke Taylor.  She makes the best goat blankets.  They are built hell-for-stout.  They have an insert liner that is velcroed in to place and have the best buckles so that you don’t have to wrestle them in the dark when trying to get the blankets snugged to fit.  Catch her at Tulsa next week or I can get you in contact with her.  

     Oh, by the way.  I am a little amped as they have started filming “Dumb and Dumber To”.  I doubt that it can compare to the original but they might suprise me and “totally redeem themselves”.