Friday, Friday, Friday

I’m not necessarily excited about it being the last workday of the week, but I am excited as I don’t have to drive anywhere on this fine day.  However, on Saturday, I get to go back to the east side of the state and pick up kids at alumni camp.  That is an all day deal.

Thursday brought us summer temps.  The pickup said 107 at one point.  It was wicked hot with a pile of humidity.  And then, we got an inch of rain last night.  This is the greenest that I remember NW OK being in July.

I bought a herd goats last week.  Does, kids, yearlings, etc.  The does were thin.  Duke and I processed them last week and wormed with valbazen, vaccinated, trimmed hooves, etc.  But, after a week, the overall herd health just didn’t seem quite right.  I lost a doe or two.  So, I went to the fridge and pulled out some old school Prohibit.  This was the good stuff that they made before they took it off of the market and brought it back in a crappier form.  This is the Prohibit that when mixed with water looks like Mountain Dew.  One has to be careful with this stuff as an over-dose can kill a goat.  But it works on getting rid of hookworms.  I am already seeing results. 

The garden is starting to produce.  Dug some taters, a few squash and the okra is going to get out of hand in a few days.  The tomaters and peppers are behind.  Plus, the crazy chicken lady is getting lots of eggs.  Still small, but getting bigger.