Friday and I don’t give a…

rat’s butt about much else.  What happened to the slow season?  It doesn’t  exist anymore.  Lots of miles covered and another week is in the books.  The calendar just keeps rolling.  Most of this week has been overcast, damp and somewhat wet here in paradise.  However, one doesn’t have to go very far in any direction from paradise to see LOTS of water.  I’ve seen cotton fields that looked like rice paddys.  Hay meadows that would make good crawfish farms.  Goat pens that look…well, like a dry loving animal like a goat ought to not be in there.  I’ve seen these things in Texas and Oklahoma.  I’ve listened to stories from Nebraska to Indiana to Arkansas.  It is a wet year. 

      For the past five years, lots and lots of us fine folk have prayed for rain.  Our prayers were answered this year.  Some would like to curse the amount of rain that has been recieved.  Some are smart enought to not curse it.  While others will be wishing for rain in the near future.

       Now, that we have rain, maybe we ought to start praying for other things.  I would love to have an abundance of smart leaders in our government.  How about a set of judges at our state and national levels that can make rational decisions?  Maybe if they weren’t influenced by politics, money, etc.  I cringe every time that I have to vote for judges on a state ballot.  I shudder every time that a new supreme court justice is appointed–FOR LIFE!  And this appointment is normally done by some donkey that wasn’t qualified to be a leader in the first place. (Not just my opinion, just look at the track records)  Make all state and federal judges be like NFL referees.  Earn the right to work a playoff game or a super bowl.  If you can’t cut it, well, retire.  

       I’m just living the dream and wishing everybody a good evening and a better tomorrow.