Friday Changes

      Still waiting on 4 does to kid that are due within the past 3 days.  No changes on this Friday.   It was a Friday at the store.  But now, it is the weekend.  Duke has cleaned a part of a barn out for me.  His screw ups make for cheap (free) labor. Tammy didn’t have anything for supper tonight, so she and I cruised over to Charlie’s.  Hadn’t been there in a month, but luckily they still remembered us.  Had one heckuva good ribeye.  They had a live band tonight, but we didn’t stick around.   It’s a good behavior Friday for Kelln. Some would say that is a change. 

      Friday evenings are a good time for discussion of changes.  Some just get smoked and talk a bunch of BS.  But then, come monday, they don’t follow through.  Some just have wishful thinking.  And others, act on their thoughts.  Over the years, I’ve been guilty of all three.  Kind of like the Scorpions, the wind of change is here. Speaking of wind, I wish that I hadn’t mentioned that Thursday night was calm, because it has blown hard ever since then.  

      Got Duke’s premium sale pic from OYE in the mail today.  Fat Fred and Kyle of Farm Credit of Enid were the buyers.  Fat Fred is skinny.  Hell, I may outweigh Fat Fred at this point in time.  Something is going to have to change.  Maybe, I’ll start making changes on Saturday.  Maybe not.  

     Just got word that Braden Schovanec placed 3rd at the State FFA Public Speaking contest.  Congrats to Braden.   A top 3 at State is a huge accomplishment.  Especially considering that he should have changed to a better speech writer.  No matter what career path a person chooses, quality public speaking is ALWAYS a positive skill to have.  And that my friends, will not change.  On a Friday or any other day.