First day of Christmas break!  Nope.  We had school till noon.  Then I met up with a herd of kids and worked sheep and goats.  Kelly clipped wether goats, 13 toothed sheep, wormed and trimmed hooves on all.  Scales are free, so let’s catch a weight on all.

Then home to do chores, then back to Shattuck to make wurst.  Three generations working together.  The beef was wicked high quality, the pork was scary good (not just your old leftover pork shoulder roast).

What did I eat for supper?  Not wurst.  Got home late and nobody wanted to cook, so I ate some chex mix and a couple of meat sticks that I bought from Elliott Milligan back in September.  I don’t know who makes them but they are wicked good.

I find myself reminiscing about the early 80s.  Remember the Earl Campbell commercials.  The commercials that would now be illegal.  Skoal.  Dude, just a pinch between your cheek and gum. “Skoal brotha.”

First off, I ain’t had any Skoal since the early 80s.  Second, how good was the marketing campaign when some dude can remember specifics about a given product.  Next, how is this even still a product knowing now what we know about tobacco products.   And how stereotypical or racist was that commercial?

It wasn’t.  A specific product was offered.  Parties agreed to terms.

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