The week is about over and I haven’t hardly been near this keyboard.  Therefore, I haven’t offended many people.  

We’ve been trying to kid some recips this week and at the same time, we are starting protocol for the next flush.  I’m still not a fan of this flushing business.

I guess the Schneberger crew went to a Thunder game this week.  Addie was involved in some kind of half-time little kid dribbling exercise.  Before the game, a lady approached Jared and one of the twins–Big Un.  She asked if Big Un could serve as an honorary captain.  Sure thing.  This meant Big Un was on the court with the team captains.  He got to meet Kevin Durant and some other players.  That’s a pretty cool deal for a kid.

Duke and some other kids competed at the AFR speech contest.  He didn’t win, but he did place 3rd.  He isn’t a bad speaker.  If he wanted to be good, he could be.  He does it in order to keep his parents happy.  

I’m going to sync some does and actually start getting some does bred.  This sync program has worked pretty well.  2 ccs of Lut, put CIDRs in for 5 days and then give 1 cc PG 600 when CIDRs are pulled.