Duke and I traveled to Lake Texhoma on Thursday night. We hauled Darin & Rhett Gambill with us. I had scheduled a striper fishing excursion a month ago. At that time, I thought the weather would be good. I was wrong. It was a COLD son of a gun on the water @ 6:30 am. Coveralls shouldn’t be a requirement unless you are ice fishing. We caught a few fish at the first two stops, but then it went dead. The next couple of stops yielded nothing. The boys were wanting to call ” calf rope”, but we talked them into one more stop. They agreed. Thirty minutes later, we had limited out. It is amazing that there is a ratio related to catching fish and body temperature. Those boys weren’t cold when they were reeling fish into the boat. Big Fun. We left Texhoma and headed south. Duke and I were both craving killer good BBQ, which meant that we were headed to Cooper’s in Llano. I like to drive faster than most, but the Texas highway dept took care of that as I-35 had road construction from the north side of Ft Worth to Belton. It was MISERABLE! I kept calm and chived on but it was tearing me up to either be sitting still, moving up 10 feet or going 40 mph. I just wanted to drive like an old MeatLoaf record– like a bat out of hell. I got off the interstate and headed west towards Lampasas, guess what? More road construction. Texas has the best highways and roads in the U.S. You know why? They are always working on them. Cooper’s was typical. Way good and now I won’t need to eat until next Tuesday. We couldn’t find a room in Llano due to the crawdad rodeo so we ended up in Fredericksburg. I’m not sure what exactly they do with the crawdads but i noticed that Budweiser sponsors it. It’s a good thing I brought the popper in the pickup because we are going to pick up some goats and head north. Duke and I have to be home on Sunday because the weather is supposed to be good and we need to go fishing.