This is going to be a hectic day.  I promised the 1st hour 8th grade boys that we would make pancakes if they all made an A on their Tool ID test.  Had to cash in a few bonus points, but they all got their A.  The 2nd hour seniors made fresh Wurst on Tuesday.  Due to snow & a re-scheduled basketball tournament, we have yet to be able to sample their product.  2nd hour today was supposed to be the day.

And then last night, I remembered that I have a graduation to attend at 9 am.  Real world problems that will work out just fine.

Doing chores on Thursday night was like being on the planet Hoth.  Then the temps stayed up over night and the wind picked up.  There has been so much meltage, that chores on Friday morning was in a swampy mess like Dagobah.  It won’t be long and it will be dried out and this place will once again resemble Tatoonie.

I’ve got to meet a trailer headed to the SE with 2 does.  I have to meet another trailer taking 6 does to Cali, 1 doe to SW OK and 1 doe to west Texas.  Then, I need to meet a Kansan to pick up another doe.

If you think a crap-ton of snow and mud is going to keep me from loading out and getting 11 does gone from this place…you would be wrong!  May the force be with me.  I will make it happen!


And if you watch “The Mandalorian”, I highly suggest that you watch all the way through the credits of the newest episode and catch the little added bit.  I only found it as I was just being a dad and watching to see Kela’s name on the screen.


Have a good one and a wonderful tomorrow!

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