Fairview schools started a new schedule this year where they are out of school on Friday from spring break to the end of school. We did this when I taught at Waynoka and I liked it. Attitudes of students and teaches was better. There was still plenty of stuff happening on Friday, just not classes. A lot of schools in this part of the world are using this schedule now.

Duke absolutely loves it. It means he only has to suffer through four days of school. It means no homework on Thursday night. It means no bedtime on Thursday night, which means he may stay up watching animal shows until 2 am. However, last night it was GI Joe. He also doesn’t schedule much on Friday. Our neighbor, Darin Wichert, comes to get Duke on Friday and they check cows, eat lunch at the quick stop, and all of the other usual stops. I don’t know what they talk about, but I am sure it is highly intellectual.

Have a good Friday.

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