Four letter words

    The first four letter word today is LEXI.  As in Lexi Vanderwork.  She’s had a pretty good year showing goats.  She started it off by winning the State Fair, then she won a showmanship division at the Lone Star Elite as well as placing high.  Then she won a couple of classes and was reserve grand at the Champion’s Choice.  Now, she has shown the grand wether at Woodward District.  

      The next word is DUKE.  I can literally say this word with enough conviction to make it sound like a true four letter word.  But I haven’t had to much lately.  He’s been making a hand around our piece of paradise.  And he has stepped his showmanship up quite a bit.  He got them drove yesterday.  He ended up reserve grand.  

     BREE.  Speaking of somebody stepping up the showmanship.  Bree Taylor has taken her skills to a whole other level.  It’s fun to watch when a kid takes the next step.  SImply put, she was the best goat showman in the barn yesterday.  And I’ll put her up against anybody.  I’m not saying that she is the best (yet), but she can show with any of them.  Speaking of Taylor’s, Britt ended up showing the res. ch. berk barrow.  Any time Britt does well, or if the mood just strikes her right, then she does the HAPPY DANCE.

     NEWT.  Ol’ Newt Sweet got him a personal showmanship coach.  He only takes orders from the Dragon Lady and he got his set of does shown.  He won several classes and a 2nd.  Oh and he had the reserve grand doe.  I don’t think big sister is too happy with Newt having a big day.   

     Congrats to all the other kids that had a big day.  Chesley Comstock and Darcy Peach had division winners.  The Bruce girls both showed well and are in the sale.  

      It was without a doubt, the coldest day that I have ever spent at a goat show.  Thank goodness for the heated barn at Woodward.  The Woodward fairgrounds are undergoing a demolition and building project which is making this years show a bit of a challenge but it will all be good when it is done.  

     Listened to an interesting judges speech during the grand drive of the barrows.  Little bit different.  Watched a “beginning” judge line the goats up at Woodward.  Let’s just say “little bit different”.  

     And speaking of COLD, it is butt-ass cold outside.  The thermometer shows a negative sign in front of the numeral three this morning.  At least there isn’t a pile of wind to really make it miserable.  Wethers should be wearing at least three thick layers of blankets.  Even if they are in a barn.