I meant to post something about this several weeks ago, but I flat-ass forgot.  During OYE, I was making the rounds selling Okie Coalition buttons for $20.  I got $20 out of Lee Vanderwork, who immediately told me to get $20 out for another good cause.  He said that I needed to watch a Facebook video.  “How long is it?”, I asked.  He said it was just 4 or 5 minutes.  I handed him $20 and kind of rolled my eyes.  As the video started, the narrator threw out some names that I recognized.  Then, I thought, maybe this deal is legit.  Then I realized it wasn’t real, but DANG the story was good.

Here’s the deal.  Monte Tucker of Sweetwater, Ok made a video about a raffle to raise money for fuel in these semis hauling donated hay to the fire afflicted ranchers.  $20 ticket.  It is the Western Oklahoma Plow Mule raffle.  Excellent video and even better if you know the names mentioned in it.  My favorite is the old boy that put the mule up for collateral at Farm Credit and then lost the mule on a feeder pig deal gone bad.  I also liked the corn mixing with sugar bit.  Of course, Allison Jett donating it to the Harper County jam and jelly auction with Tom Fanning buying it thinking that he was bidding on an oil lamp was pretty good as well.

Years ago, I saw an email about a guy that bought a mule, but the mule died before he picked it up.  He went ahead and took it and sold raffle tickets on it.  Anyways, the dude later became the head of Enron.  See if you can find that on the internet.  It is a good story.

Seriously, check out this Western Oklahoma Plow Mule video.  Google it.  Watch it.  Send some money.  Even if the drawing is April 1, it doesn’t matter.  The best you can do is win your $20 back and there ain’t nobody going to take that $20 back.  And it is going to a good cause.  Besides, it is what we do as agriculturists–we help each other when needed.

Have a good one today.  Have a better one tomorrow.  We got almost 2″ of rain in the past 36 hours.  I ain’t bragging.  I’m just saying, I like it.


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