It is a known fact that I get too many irons in the fire.  I help others with their goats and they sometimes forget to remind me that we have a goat or two that needs sold or shown.  Thus the wether that will be on the Working Clothes Online sale today.  I saw this wether back about labor day when he had been weaned a week or so and was pretty skinny.  His momma didn’t milk much at all.  Between showing, getting ready for shows, etc.  I forgot to pick this guy up and get him ready to sell or show.  He won’t bring what he normally would bring this late in the game, but here he is.  The parts are there and he could be a really interesting D1 or D2 wether.  He is now pounding feed and healthy.

     Another thing I forget about from time to time is the webesite  This site can answer lots of health and reproductive questions when dealing with goats.  I use it because they have an estimated kidding date calendar that is quick to the touch when making breeding decisions.