It’s been a little bit wild around here for several days.  We were invited to sell a couple of doe kids in the inaugral Diva’s doe sale.  That deal was good.  The sheep crowd was way good.  Throw in a bunch of crazy goat people and that was a good sale.  All of the does sold very well.  I am tickeld where my does ended up.  I hope to sell there again.  Thanks to all that called, looked at, bid or bought our stock.  An early report from the sale tells me that one of the does will be called “Dragon Lady”.   That is fitting.  

        I had a wonderful meal after the sale in Okarche.  The crew ended up at Eischen’s to eat fried chicken.  I was a solo driver, so I knew that I had to eat and then get out of there before my natural tendencies took over.  Great food, even better company.  There ought to be an Ag Youth photo shoot from that table.  

     Didn’t get any rain this weekend.  But we got several foot of wind.  I mean BRUTAL–non-stop, straight line kind of tear crap up kind of wind.  The sky was brown with dirt from this wind.  It was the worst that I have personally seen.  I just hope nobody gets in a big hurry to disk up all of this crappy wheat.  We need to wait on a really good rain before we plow this crap up.  

        The Dragon Lady and Duke took care of does while I was gone.  They managed to hatch two sets.  A set of triplets and a set of twins–ALL doe kids.  That is fine.  I’m actually kind of amped about the triplets.  They are Rainman on a Freak On A Leash x Joe Dirt X Harley.  One of these is going to get bred to Rumour Has It.  

       I did have a borderline trainwreck.  Had an older mature doe kid on the 22nd.  She had a single doe kid.  She cleaned and seemed fine.  This afternoon, Tammy called me from the kidding barn and said that this doe had a head hanging out.  My mind flashed as I envisioned really bad smells.  I told her to walk away and I would take care of it.  I waited till nobody was around, then went to deal with this mess.  It was a good thing that James Sweet showed up.  He held the doe down while I pulled the kid with chains.  It was a hard pull at first, but then here it came.  Yeah, it was dead, but It wasn’t nasty.  Just hadn’t seen very many like this.  Ever.

      Last week, I found an abandoned rabbit nest.  There were 2 dead cottontails and 3 live ones.  I might have hollered at Duke.  As a result of alerting the nature boy, now, we have three orphan rabbits.  Their eyes weren’t open yet.  Tammy and Duke researched the raising of “bottle baby” rabbits.  On Thursday evening, I was told that I couldn’t speak around them–too loud.  I felt like Elmer Fudd.  “We’ve got be vewy, vewy quiet in order to sneak up on the wabbit.”  I didn’t think that they would keep them alive, but now we have three healthy bottle baby rabbits that like to eat apples.  I can tell you that wild rabbits are easier to raise on a bottle  than a high dollar goat.   Duke and I named them tonight.  Foot, Foot-Foot and Foot-Foot-Foot.  If you haven’t heard of that rabbit story, then you need to.  Google it–Mel Tillis telling the story of why he stuttered.  The story of 3 rabbits.

      Speaking of carrots, Saturday morning I was bent down on one knee, looking to see if any carrots were sprouting in the garden.  They were.  As I was pulling some little weeds and bent down with one knee in the dirt, I noticed something to the right of me.  Only a foot away from me, I quit pulling weeds, cocked my head so that I could let my good eye (my left one) focus on what was just to the right of me, only a foot away.  Like a terminator’s eye recognition, once it registered that it was a SNAKE, I landed a couple of FOOT away–to the left.  Holy foot-long skid mark!  It was a five foot + bull snake.  I let it be since it was not in a barn, but dang it, I’m pretty sure my heart rate spiked at least a foot.  That and I needed a foot of toilet paper to clean up the after-effects.  

       They canonized a pair of SAINTS in Vatican City this evening.  I think that this is cool.  Take some time to read up on it, regardless of your religion or lack thereof.  I personally know a person or two that should be considered saints.  I’m dang sure not going to make it that level.  I’m just kind of hoping for the “good guy that did more good than harm while having fun” ranking.  Maybe, that is just wishful thinking.  

    Have a good day and a better tomorrow.