Food Problems

For thousands of years, man subsisted on meat, bread, fruit and veggies.  Today, they want to make meat out of veggies, fruits and chemicals.  We need gluten free items on every menu.  Lactose intolerance is an issue.  GMO free, no hormones, no antibiotics, etc.

You can find pasta made from wheat flour that is advertised as NON-GMO.  Triscuits are made from wheat. They are advertised as NON-GMO.  Seriously?   There is not any GMO wheat, so therefore all wheat products are NON-GMO.  But, we also need to worry about gluten because of wheat.  No, no we don’t.

We need to get our diets back in line.  Fewer processed foods.  Less chemicals, preservatives, and such.  Fresher foods, less ingredients, more exercise and more common sense.

I understand lactose intolerance.  I dealt with it for years.  I understand the gut pains and the chance that one is getting ready to $h!t one’s self after consuming dairy products.  There is a generation of Waynoka students that understand the value of extra pairs of socks and lactaid pills.  Ask Jack Staats about riding with me while goat shopping in Texas after eating some “ice cream”.  I’m real sure there is still nothing growing on that piece of scorched Earth where I dropped my drawers, hunkered down and quivered with pain as I expelled that substance from my body.

I also know that after diving into a bowl of ice cream in Costa Rica back in 2011, that there were problems with our Americanized food.  “Don’t you dare eat that ice cream.  You will be shitting yourself and ruining our vacation!” said the Dragon Lady.  I ate that ice cream.  And the next day I ate a large bowl of that smooth, creamy textured nectar from the heavens.   No problems.  Since then, I have researched a lot of areas of lactose intolerance and WHY can I eat ice cream in Costa Rica with no major gut issues yet, I have to be careful in the U.S.

I don’t know of any digestive problems with eating cabrito, chevon or goat meat.  We could get on a roll with the topic of foods.  But, I’m going to shut it down.  Common sense goes a long way.  That and I just saw that J-Lo and Shakira are performing at halftime of the super bowl.  I don’t know or care who is playing but I will watch those two shake something.  Shakira, Shakira.

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