Like most humans, I like food.  I can really eat when it comes time.  As I travel, I like to eat at places that I can’t eat at near home.  It is well documented on here that I love Pappadeaux’s, Cooper’s BBQ and numerous steak, burger & bbq joints.  When I head to a certain part of the U.S., I know ahead of time and therefore, plan accordingly where and when I am going to eat.  If I am near El Dorado, TX, I know that I am going to eat lunch at Rosa’s Casita.  Phoenix–Yep, I have to have a turkey pot pie at My Mother’s.  Northeast Oklahoma finds me headed to Tally’s Cafe for breakfast.

The National FFA Convention was just last week.  I’m glad that I didn’t go but I missed eating at a couple of my favorite spots.  St. Elmo’s steakhouse.  The kids were even impressed with this place.  Wicked!  One of my favorite national FFA convention stories involves St. Elmo’s and the Fairview FFA members.  That was my single favorite dining experience of ALL time!

I also told them that they needed to hit a deli near downtown.  Shapiro’s makes an awesome reuben sandwich, the pastrami on rye is on point and the desserts are wicked.  I obviously failed as a teacher as one of our best students ordered a ham & cheese sandwich.  No ham at a Jewish deli!  However, Shapiro’s posted a picture on their bookface page of Shattuck FFA in line to order.  Way Cool Deal!

One of my favorite things to teach is meats and foods and how religion can dictate what is and is not eaten.  Students are always amazed that the rest of the world does NOT eat beef like we do.  Wait, what?  Not everybody eats bacon?  WHY???     Goat is the most eaten meat in the world?!?!? Whaaattt???  How??

It is hard for white, middle class Americans to realize that we are in the minority and that beef is actually a luxury item to most of the world.  There is a variety of religions that won’t eat pork but goat and chicken are a staple worldwide.  Why? Simple.  They are cheap to keep (not show or papered goats), multiply quick and don’t take long to get to a market weight.

I like to watch Diners, Drive Ins & Dives.  Cool show that will make you learn something and make you hungry.  I like to cook but I need a large crowd.  I can’t just cook for a couple of people.

What is the perfect food?  I like smoked meats.  The flavor, the way it seals in the juices and the smell and it helps preserve food.  Honey is good on its own, goes well with everything and doesn’t spoil.  Bacon has a long shelf life, is good on its own, adds flavor to other dishes (salads, baked potato, filet mignon, etc.)  and can be served as a side, top dress or by the plate.  SOOOOOO………would that make a honey-glazed, smoked bacon THE perfect food?  It wouldn’t be for somebody that doesn’t eat pig.  But, for me…..

I think that I am going to have smoked bacon for breakfast.  And I am going to pour fresh honey (is there any other kind?) on each slice of bacon.

People, I have had a good week.  I hope you did to.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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