The term “flush” is very common in the livestock world.  It is a standard procedure in the cattle side of things and is becoming more & more common in the goat world.  If you’ve got a good female, then you better “flush” her.  Likewise, crappy ones need “flushed” and sent to the sale barn.  Good vs. Bad–Flushed or Flushed.  Makes sense to me.  

       I’m not an expert on ET flushes, donors, recips, program, protocol, etc.  What I do know, is that I did one flush this past year.  And it was successful.  Schneberger handled everything.  I just provided the donor, recips and the buck.  He did the work.  This was a PERFECT flush.  I should probably quit right there.  But, when the dice are hot, you keep rolling them.  

      More and more people call, text, email, ask me about my thoughts on flushes.  Let’s get it clear that I am NOT yet an expert.  But I do have opinions.  

1–the donor needs to be in above average condition–not too fat, but really good shape.  

2–the recips need to be in really good shape. 

3–Whoever is doing the programming needs to do it right.  Tight schedule.

4–Recips?!–For myself, I want good looking females around here.  I don’t want to have to look at a bunch of sale barn trash or spanish cross recips. I prefer proven does that are good mommas that just haven’t been able to raise a good one.  So, we will help her out by transplanting some dang good emrbyos into her.  Then her proven maternal traits will help raise some good goats.

5–Flush a proven doe.  I know that a lot of breeders have had success with flushing virgin does.  I’m not questioning or discounting it.  It just seems like a better deal to flush a proven doe/cow/whatever.   But, for optimizing dollars, flush a proven rip and have a better idea what you are going to get.  

6–Live vs. AI–I don’t have an answer for this.  I know that several breeders have had WAY GOOD luck with using fresh semen in AI flushes.  Most like a live breeding.  I do know that it is a very short list of recommendations when it comes to using frozen semen.  

7–No matter what you are doing, get the donor and recips climatized and in good health.  Spend a little extra in order to try to optimize EVERYTHING.  Feed, recips, management, etc.  And if it doesn’t work, you’ll wish it would have.