What is the old saying?  There is a first time for everything.  Friday found us dealing with several firsts.  

      First of all, it was wet near Quitaque, TX.  I had never seen mud out there before.  We normally have sweat running down our cracks when we are out there.  This time was no different in that regard, but it wasn’t from 110 degree heat.  It was from the humidity.

      Another first on this trip.  Very few flies.  Normally, there are lots of flies.  That just goes with that many livestock.  Helms invested in some kind of predator wasp and they obviously work.  As a result, very few flies.  

      Maybe the most suprising first, is the fact that Helms has his goats BLOOMY.  I’m not used to looking at bloomy Helms goats.  I’m sure he has a sizable feed bill this year, but the goats look very good.  I normally need to use my imagination and try to project which ones are going to feed.  Not this time.  Instead, I’ve got pages of ear tags that look good and are going to numerous sales scattered around.  

     I’ve not seen the likes of the # of doe kids that they have.  It’s like looking at an ant den as the multitude of doe kids move in all directions and they all look alike.  Then they take off in one direction, in unison and move like a flock of birds.  It gave me a headache looking at them.  Doe kids, yearling does–a really good set of females.

     And, yes.  I did study the buck prospects that will be selling.  A really deep set.  Of course, I would like to cut a couple of them, but I bet they bring more as a buck than what I would spend on a wether.  

      There was no large trailer needed on this trip.  I would have liked to have bought about 50 wethers.  But it has just become too difficult.  Why?  Retardation.  Not mine or Helms.  Parental Retardation.  This isn’t a first for me.  Remember, I served a 15 year sentence teaching ag.  Parents get retarded and can’t seem to focus at times.  Some get it, some don’t.  Even though my own kid has NOT had a grand at the State Fair or Woodward District or the Lone Star Elite or OYE, various parents think that they need to tap dance around to “improve” their standing and get “first” pick.  Parents putting pressure on others that their offspring needs to win.  It wasn’t fair to Helms to try to figure out who gets what, it damn sure isn’t fair to me as I’ve been doing it for FREE.  Looking back at our results the past several years, it looks like I have done a helluva job spreading the wealth.  

     I’m not mad.  Some might say that is a first.  It actually makes it easier for me.  I can focus on Duke and his goats.  I don’t have to write huge checks and wait on people to pay.  And find pen space for the wethers.  And, Helms will get to cash bigger checks.  

      Helms and I have dealt with each other for a lot of years, so there is no reason for he and I to get mad about it.  So, they now get their chance.  The wethers that I want and like will be available for sale–starting next week at the Lone Star Elite and the Helms/Book sale and then Eldorado and Norman.  I’ll bid just like the rest of them.  I’m sure that I won’t be able to afford all of the wethers that I want, but I would like to think that I have a little better knowledge of the genetics than most. 

     Pfeiffer probably does it right.  Have a bunch of sales.  No private treaty.  Let the bidders fight it out.  Hope the good ones end up in good hands.  

     And after the sales, I’m pretty sure that I will be out west, flipping rocks, looking for some skinny bastard that looks like he will feed.  Except, that there wasn’t very many skinny goats this time.  Hhmm?!

      It is going to be a good Saturday.  Maybe, no wind.  Now, that would be a first.