First things first

First of all, thank you to all that inquired, bid and bought does tonight.  I haven’t seen a sale report yet, but judging from the calls and texts, these females are scattering across the country.   Thank you.  As we get into January, we will get the March/April bred does tested and offer them.

After the sale was posted, 3 out of every 4 calls consisted of “what will you be selling for bucks?”  The entire goat industry revolves around the bucks.  The does need name brand genetics but the sire is what drives the business.  The other calls/texts mainly consisted of “transportation” and “how long can you keep them?”  All valid questions.

I was honest.  Not in a hurry to have them gone, but I’m NOT kidding them out.


Here is a question that was posed to me a couple of weeks ago.  I think that it is a very valid question.

If the seller has to drive several hours to meet transportation, should there be a charge?

Here’s the deal.  If I have to meet a trailer at I35, that is a 5 hour round trip for me.  If I take a goat and leave at Bob May’s place in SW OK, that is a 6 hour round trip for me.  I have never charged for those deliveries, but I should.  This is just one more reason that I’m the dumbest in the goat industry, but I try to make things work.

HOWEVER, if you read the previous paragraph, you can understand why, when someone calls about transportation and I tell them, “I have a ride that will be to this destination.”   If they say, “That is over an hour from me, can they get closer?”  First off, I want to reach through the phone and do a Jedi force-choke on them.  Next, I will answer, “Yes, the hauler can deliver to your front door if you want, but that will cost $4 per loaded mile.”  All of a sudden, they become more complicit.

As a seller, I do think that it helps to accommodate deliveries.  One, if I help a buyer, hopefully they will buy again.  And two, which may be #1, if I can make it easy on the transportation, the haulers will throw me a bone and help me out when I need it.  And that may be first and foremost.


People, I will be honest.  I have mixed feelings about selling these does and the ones to come.  But tonight, as I was sorting cows in the dark and in the mud, I was glad that they weren’t female goats.

Speaking of being honest, I also will on occasion, listen to Pink, Lady Gaga and I enjoy music by Dolly Parton.  I don’t have any Pink or Lady Gaga downloaded but they make some good tunes.  No, I have never been in a drag bar but I do have a very straight friend (I think?) that has been known to emcee at one, on occasion.  Not judging him.  I also wish the Black Crowes could have made more music.  I saw them in 1990 when they opened for Aerosmith.  They were real good.

Last question but not the first, is the election over?  Asking for a friend.

Peace out!  Stay positive but test negative!




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