The winds were back with a vengeance on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, a fire got started north of Woodward.  It is still going.  Supposedly, a couple of high lines whipping in the wind sparked and started the fire.  We’ve got several friends that live near where the fires started.  One of those families is Scott and Chesley Comstock and Scott’s parents.  Luckily, they are all fine.  I do know that there has been a home or two lost and I am afraid that there will be lots of lost cattle.  The country north of Woodward is composed of rolling grass hills, cedar canyons and rocky hills.  Not many roads, nor many green wheat fields to work as firebreaks in that part of the world.  Not a good combination for firefighters to deal with.  And as bad as the wind is blowing, a fire break probably wouldn’t help.  A lack of wind and a rain is about all that will stop these kind of fires.  

      We’ve lost a home to a flood before, but at no time was anybody in danger.  Damage was cosmetic only.  No personal belongings were lost.  I wouldn’t wish a fire on anybody.  The loss of homes, belongings, livestock, hay, etc.  would just be staggering to deal with.  And then there is the problem of fences.  Lots and lots of miles of burnt up fence will have to be tore out and replaced.  New grazing land will have to be found until that grass grows back and fences replaced.  Prayers for all those affected and for those that are fighting the fires.  The majority of the fire fighters in this part of paradise are volunteers.  These people are out there fighting and risking their own safety for free.