This Australian wild brush fire situation is not a good deal. I know that they are getting rain in some places but more is needed.  Millions of acres burned, thousands of homes and countless number of animals killed, injured and now facing starvation.  Sure, there has been air drops of carrots and sweet potatoes but that is only going to go so far.

The Koala population was already in decline.  There have been thousands of Koalas lost in these fires.  However, here is the bigger problem.  Koalas are slow breeders.  So, the loss of any breeding age Koalas has a significant impact on the population.  Basically, they aren’t like pigs, goats or mice that can just breed away spawning numerous offspring each year.

I did read a cool article about a wide variety of animals were finding sanctuary from the fires in wombat tunnels.  No, the wombats weren’t putting out vacancy signs nor herding other critters into their tunnels to escape the fires.  But, the wombats have such huge tunnel networks that many critters were heading underground to dodge the fires.

Prayers to those people and animals around the world that are dealing with the affects of wild fires.

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