Fingerprints & Wal Mart

I recently had my fingerprints done.  NO!!  I did not get arrested.  I wanted to get some fingerprints done a month ago but COVID shut us down.   I was trying to purchase a new toy that requires pictures and fingerprints.  But NOOOO!!  The Rona had the sheriff’s office shut down.  Once the courthouse re-opened, they called and said, “Let’s get those fingerprints.”   Haaa!  As if they weren’t already on file.  However, this time it was all electronic.  And I got a quasi-tour of the new JailHouse in Ellis County.  The jailer lady knew who I was and as part of the computer questionnaire, she had my driver’s license and was answering questions.  UNTIL, it came to hair color.  She turned, looked at my current mop and asked, “Honey, what do you want me to put for hair color?”

I asked, “Do they have a box for salt & pepper?”  She quickly replied, “NO!….But I do know that you were dark headed in your younger days.”

I said, “Lady, whatever works to get this done and me out of here is great!”


Now, I bet not a one of you people can guess how this ties to a damn goat!   None of ya!!!



My favorite stock show is Phoenix….the ANLS.  The drive sucks but I love the show.  Love it!!  The restaurants.  The atmosphere.  I would say the weather but it is normally colder than wanted.  I digress….the first year that we dealt with goats was over 15 years ago.  Kela and her friends wanted to show goats…so we got some wethers for Phoenix.  At entry time, we had to pay some fees and get a NOSE PRINT of the wether goats.   WTF? A nose print for a goat?

I have nose printed a lot of steers.  But now a goat.  And to answer your next question…yes, a goat does have an individual nose print.  BUT…. try nose printing a goat.  Their nose actually is set about a 1.14″ back from the end of their snout.  You will get a big damn smeared post card when you try to nose print a LIVE goat.  So, if you are nose printing a LIVE goat….first, have a dry towel to wipe their nose.  Second, have somebody pull their snout down & away.  Then roll the nose print card from bottom to top.  At that point, the goat will turn inside their skin and ruin the nose print.  And on the second try, they will snort goat snot on the card.  You will need multiple cards, a crap-load of patience and a strong desire to do that again.  Thus, the reason that no shows currently require a goat nose print.  And NO, I have never tried to nose-print a dead goat.   I assure you that it would be easier.


And then wal mart.  For the past decade, the wether market sales have been dominated by the name brand, large volume breeders.  They sell large volumes and have a price shelf for most buyers.  The top shelf that is “guaranteed” may be too cheap.  Seriously!  I ain’t shittin ya!   It is easier to buy a $15K plus wether than it is to raise one.  But in all reality, there are only a handful worth that money.  On the other hand, there are a lot of people looking to grab a $1,000 Pfeiffer/BTW/Garret wether ( no slight intended, just using name brands).  If you study the premium sales, percentages dictate that the big volume breeders do NOT dominate the premium sale slots.  They do however dominate the banner slots.  These trends have held true for over 15 years.

I have never had 500+ does in a herd.  I DON’T want to have that many either.  So, I do respect the amount of work, feed costs, facilities, reproduction fees, hay, time, effort, etc.  that goes into that kind of program.  I do not want to a super-center.  And let’s be real, several super-centers have sold out when they got the chance.  This crap ain’t easy.

I made my bones living in the world of finding good stock that weren’t from the “yet” famous producers.  I’ve got lots of stories regarding those facts.  You get me talking and I can tell you stories of banner hanging wethers that came from super-center wether producers and we got it done at discount prices.  I also have some first round draft pick kind of busts.  Now, I watch these online sales and well, “kind of ” wish that I had a fleet of feeders.  There are good wethers being traded but because of “so called” age and it isn’t a super-store selling it….well then, the masses aren’t looking to buy these deals.  It is what it is.

People, I don’t have a bone to pick with anybody.  I ain’t mad at nobody.  Jealous.  No.  I just like what the Dragon Lady and I have managed to accomplish.  Tomorrow, we will be a day older but the favorite daughter will hit another decade milestone.  She is stuck in LA dealing with the consequences of the rona shutting down another industry.


I may want to go to Cali and show in the EFFING Classic! jackpot that will be in a lowe’s or home depot parking lot.  I love it!  As with most shows…..who’s judging?  Who cares?  This would be fun.


Have a good one today and I truly hope that you have a better tomorrow.  Horseshoes & shamrocks to all.  And I hope that common sense will prevail!  Hope Pray Hope Pray    I need some emojis on this damn deal.


No.  No, I don’t.   Hope for the best and pray for the best and the rest.


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