Fine…Not Fine

Yes, I’m fine.  One of the boys is back home.  He will be in a wheelchair for a bit.  The other boy is out of the hospital and in a rehab unit.  Over a 100 stitches, on that one cut.  But, dang it.  It looks good for both of them.  That’s all that I want.

Mentally, I’m fine.  And night’s like tonight are why I’m fine.  Tammy and I talked about what other families have gone through.  We’ve seen some rough stuff.  But not like what others have had to endure.  Several years ago, one of Kela’s high school classmates passed away on this day.  He was one of Kela’s best friends.  He was one of those kids that every teacher was always kind of pissed at but also the kind that every good teacher wanted to have around.  (I find it real appropriate that Cross Canadian Ragweed came on while thinking about this).  I have witnessed a road map as to how to handle adversity.  This family did it once, then again….. oh hell!  The little sister helped keep everybody together and they are rolling still.  One day at a time.  Better than I could do.

I write the rest of this with no backing of the family.  I apologize to the dad.  His mother will understand completely.  And I can’t speak for little sister.

Of all people that I have ever encountered in my life, Justin Bedwell did not care who he offended when he opened his mouth.  He knew what he thought and always thought that he was right.  I understand and agree!

I know and understand the repercussions of what I am getting ready to type and I do not care.  Sometimes, you just gotta say it.

A couple of years ago, I watched a “sheep” guy judge the OYE doe show.  It was without a doubt, the worst job of judging livestock, of any species, that I have ever witnessed.  Horrible.  I apologize but, it was bad.  He couldn’t place em, couldn’t talk em….hell, for that matter, he couldn’t even get the politics right.  By all accounts, it was bad.

Somehow, that judge re-surfaced and was allowed to judge wether goats at Tulsa.  AND he was worse this time!  I do NOT give a rat’s ass what he has done raising high $ sheep.  He CANNOT judge!

I have been told that the “ag teachers” put him high on the list.  I hope “those” ag teachers got what they wanted.  I will leave it at that.  Dumb asses!

We didn’t take a goat.  For my own sanity, I knew better.  But, I watched several classes.  I don’t care who I offend.  The grand wether is awesome when he stops and props.  But he is out of his skeleton on all four corners.  ALL 4 corners.  The “judge” talked it as a previous injury to a back leg.  BULLL>>>>>>>    That goat spent the first 4 weeks of his life walking on the front of his ankles.  I’ve tried to keep this kind alive.  He was still bow-legged on the standstill.  He was out on his rear hocks.  This was an unsound animal.  On both ends.  Horrible!   This is the most crippled animal that I have seen win a major show–regardless of species.  OH yeah, he will take a bad-ass picture.  I apologize to the owners, breeders, whoever…but that was a crippled bastard!  No other words to define it.  And this fine judge……bring em back again.  He effed up the OYE doe show a couple of years ago and now a Tulsa wether show.  Let’s keep this dude in circulation.  Have your lawyer call me.  They have my #.  This was Exhibit A and/or Lot # 1 of what is wrong with the junior livestock show program.  This bought off judge can’t even use a decent one.

Ironically, just a week or so ago, I mentioned names like Allan Poe, Bryan Kennedy and Tommy Milligan should be judging major goat shows.  I will gladly name judges that need to be added to your list.  And I can add names outside of Oklahoma.  But, here’s what I think of those guys….let em judge in Oklahoma.  They will pick good stock.  That’s all any of us want.  The true stock show junkies want a fair shake.  That’s it.

I will also gladly tell you to NOT use the Tulsa wether judge.  He is ZERO for Two at major shows in Oklahoma.  He couldn’t judge a class of hamsters if there were 2 live ones and 2 not alive.

This is how I imagine his 4H career.

“Coach, how did I do?”

“Oh heck, well, I mean, some people are good in the livestock world and well….some people just need to join the band.  And if the band doesn’t work out, just wait a few years and an Oklahoma show will hire you to judge.”


However, I enjoyed the market lamb judge at Tulsa.  We didn’t win, but I liked the lambs that did.  We placed exactly where we should have and we had a good show.  Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

Just in case I wasn’t clear, the worst two jobs of judging livestock, that I have ever witnessed, regardless of species, was the SAME guy and he was allowed to judge an OYE and a Tulsa show.  Put that dumb bastard on your judge’s list.

Yeah, I’m fine.  And sometimes, a person just has to say what’s on their mind.  And, yes, I realize the repercussions are not on my side.   (I’ve lost more than most but I’m still calling it real. Ten years from now….you all will have discovered…..what I’ve been talking about… dead on!   I’ve got nothing left to lose.)

“Hell, I’m right now and I’ll be right then. You people just don’t want to admit it yet.”

Not my line, but I like it.  Rest In Peace!

And sometimes, somebody ain’t afraid to speak up.  I’ll say it.  You hired him twice, and he sucked twice.  In the words of Kelln, “Get that no judging bastards name off of any list that requires a sound selection of stock!”

We are 2 decades into the show goat game.  You don’t need a sheep judge to judge the goat show.  There are enough problems.  Just listen to one of 2 songs–one is an all- time great and the other just seems appropriate.

The Chair–by George Strait.  Maybe, just maybe the best written song of all time.

Safety Dance –by Men without Hats    That’s what you clowns are doing.  Just bidding a time or three more than you planned and hoping that buys you help!    But, it wasn’t enough.   That song sucks and….


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