Finally–Vol. 2

Yes!  Yes!  Finally, yes!  The sun finally shined.  It was decent this morning, got warmer and was good all day.  For the first time in several weeks, one could go outside and not feel like they were being stabbed repeatedly with an ice pick.  The wheat and triticale in this part of the world had retreated back into the ground.  It perked up a bit today.  The does left the oat hay bale and headed out to actually graze.  I feel like I grew 2 inches.  The wethers spent numerous hours running naked–no blankets.  I normally enjoy cold weather, but not this sunless, stabbing cold that we have had continuously. 

In the words of Brandon the Bruce, “I feel like I just got done with two-a-days football practice.”  I agree with that sentiment.  I also agree that the bird hunt was huge fun.  If the sun would have shined Saturday morning, then it would have been better.  No worries though.  It was still great.  

Finally, we had a banner day in the battle against the rodents.  I hate these pack rats.  They make a mess.  But, due to the continued improvements of Operation Drowned Rat, there are three fewer to contend with at the Kelln Kompound.  Throw in a mouse and it was a good day.  If you are using these roller bucket traps during freezing weather, I highly recommend adding rubbing alcohol and/or salt to the water in the buckets.  This drops the freezing point and therefore keeps the traps operable.  On a weird note, at 7 am this morning, one trap had all of the peanut butter eaten off of it.  All of it–all the way around the bottle.  With nothing in the bucket.  Crap–I’ll reload it later today.  After church, the same trap had a monster pack rat in it.  No bait, but a drowned rat.  I like it.  It had tried to eat through the gatorade bottle.  I guess it was after the blue colored gatorade remnants.  Whatever works.