And additives are included in this topic.

Regardless of species, I have long subscribed to a very simple doctrine of livestock feeding.

“It isn’t what you feed but how you feed it.”


Fresh water, timely feedings, proper management and quality feed stuffs.  And yes, in that order.

1–If they don’t have a good drink, the chemical reactions can’t occur.

2–If their gut and/or metabolism gets thrown out of whack–things aren’t smooth.

3–Keep an animal comfortable (temp, climate, exercise, etc.)  The first two are easy, it starts to get a bit hard at this point.

4–There are LOTS of quality feeds available.  Some better than others.  NOT a best one.  Just the best one for you.

If you don’t manage 1 through 3, number 4 doesn’t matter.  4 is the easiest to change and/or blame.  So, that brings us to the entire industry of feeds and additives.  All of us would like a “magic pill”.  It does NOT exist.  But, if you take a banner pic, people will buy it, try it and swear by it although it was probably 1 through 3 combined with genetics that actually worked.

There is an entire industry devoted to feeds and additives.  And some of it is BS.  Maybe most.  At least you feel like you tried if you buy some of it and use it.  Heck, I’ve been guilty.  Then, I had the stuff analyzed and tested and went $h!t, I knew it.  My point…basic nutrition and common sense should prevail ( but it doesn’t).

Basically, if the additive costs as much or more than your goat, well, then you probably don’t need that additive.


Sure, there is a brand of goat feed called Special K.  I know it and feed it.  I can tell anybody how to feed it.  I can also tell you about several other brands of feed.  The closest high quality feed stuff is always a concern.  Special K is a limited distribution deal.  I don’t get paid to sell it, but I can tell you how to feed a good one while utilizing it.  It is actually simple and makes more sense than most.  Basic nutrition goes a long way.

GO Juice–yep, I can tell you all about it.  I HIGHLY recommend it regardless of feed brand.  I don’t make much on it, but I can TELL you about it and prove why it works.

Additives–We have fed Vindicator for almost a decade.  Does it work miracles?  NO!  But I can see benefits.  Appetite, immune system and urinary calculi prevention.  Therefore, we feed it.

Drenches—OH crap!    We have used Crusade for a long time.  I’ve used others with mixed results.  My favorite drench—WATER.  Yes, straight water.  Common sense will go a long way if you stop and think about it.  But, most won’t.  They will just buy whatever.  And then squirt it down their throats on a regular cycle.

I could go on and on about feeds and feeding.  Pick a species, I have a story or three.  I’ve used a lot, if not most, of the feeds and/or additives that are currently on the market.  Most of which, I have used for FREE.  Some have their place depending on the animal–others are snake oil.

Why write this tonight?   I’ll tell you why.  Duke and I are dealers for several different deals. Not all livestock oriented.  But, if we use something and can get something cheaper, then let’s be a dealer.  One of the things that we do use and carry has numerous additives.  I got a call tonight needing us to order a cattle “hair growth” product.   Okay.  But then, when we got on the website to order this EXTREMELY popular hair growth additive, the first picture that pops up is a steer from San Antonio.  Wait?  What?  Isn’t San Antonio a slick shear show?  Yes, yes it is.  WTH?  Maybe even WTF?

I’ve been missing out.   My son is a dealer for an extremely popular product that works great in slick shear shows.   Guess what?!!?   Last I checked,  every market goat is slick sheared.  So, if you need a product for your slick sheared goats–market wethers, wether dams, market does, sale goats–whatever.  Well then, I know a dude that can hook you up.  Feed it and they will slick off wicked awesome combined with an abundance of leg hair.

Over and out.

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