Miles Traveled

I had a lot of windshield time this past weekend.  I wasn’t sure when I could get gone, so I made no plans for a co-pilot.  Duke wanted to stay at home to work.  I have no reasons to keep a 15 year old from working if that is his desire.  So, I left out Friday evening and went on a solo mission.  I had a great drive to Abilene on Friday night.  It wasn’t easy finding a hotel room, but the drive was great.  No wind, little traffic, smooth highway, great tunes, high speed.  It was awesome!!!

I rolled into Gallagher’s sale on Saturday morning.  Excellent set of goats, as alwasys.  There was a definite top end, but the next level was really good.  The Gallaghers always have things managed to a T.  Well run show with lots of good help.  The sale average was really good, but the top end wasn’t stupid high.  I got to bid a lot, although I only ended up owning one.  Very good set of goats.  

I then did the impossible.  I stopped in at Cooper’s in Llano, TX.  My bill was less than $20 and I didn’t founder myself.  It was pleasing to the taste buds. I don’t know if I could repeat this trick.  But, I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I did it once.  

The travels brought me to the Blue Team Wethers Sale.  This facility is worth the drive.  I didn’t touch the snow cones, but I was tempted.  BTW goats have a different type of hide, more bone and shag and a consistent wide, flat loin.  I don’t care what your standing is in the goat business, everyone should talk goats with Joe Raff.  It isn’t an accident that a lot of the main genetics are traced to him.  They didn’t offer many and the goats sold well.  Looking back, I wish that I would have nodded a time or two more. 

I then made it up the road to 7T7.  This set of goats was deep and consistent.  Throw in the fact that they won Austin, Dallas, Phoenix & reserve at San Antonio, add a cool set of David Garrett consigned goats and you had a recipe for an extremely high sale.  HUGE crowd.  The auctioneer couldn’t even manage to keep this sale from selling Willie HIGH!.  This deal was fun to watch.  I even did some bidding.  So far, my experiences with the Tucker family has been top notch.  

After that sale, I headed north.  I had to dodge a storm or two.  I made it to Altus in good shape.  But then, the road-tired syndrome began to set in.  I limped into the truck stop at Sayre and crashed for 30 minutes.  Upon awaking, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, spit that nasty sleep spit into my sunflower seed cup and then studied the socio-economic lesson that is a truck stop at 2:30 am on a Sunday morning.  Foxworthy would have had needed a fresh pad and pen to write all of these jokes down.  I then rolled the last 90 miles home and then hit the couch.  

I stumbled through the day, reflecting on the trip.  It was good.  Real good.  I enjoyed the miles traveled.  I petted several sets of really good goats.  I made genetic notes in my mind.  There were several methods of fitting and presentation.  I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with all of the people.  Most importantly, I am thankful for the opportunity to load up and make a trip like this.  I liked that all 3 sales stopped and honored GOD.  Many people have given some, or even all, to give all Americans the opportunity to do whatever it is, that we so choose.  Thank you to all veterans or currently serving military people.  THANK YOU!