I don’t like 109 degree temps, but I can handle it. Now this high humidity crap, like we have today, kicks my donkey. Been filling feeders and tending to needed items in the goat pens. Maybe it isn’t just the humidity, but also the fact that I am getting old and fat.

Everybody wants to know what feed to feed their priceless show projects. I have fed about every brand of feed in some trial or another. I am a firm believer in “It’s not what you feed, but how you feed it.” All of my babies this year and Duke’s wethers have been on my own mix of feed. No fancy bags, no fancy miracle ingredients, just good, high quality feed stuffs. They have started selling this ration. It is called Special K. Plain white bag with an orange label tag. Goats will eat it. And it is cheaper than the highly advertised brands. It won’t make a sorry goat into a great one, but they will eat it and do well on it. If you want some of it, call me and I can hook you up.

We do add Grand Goat to it. And if needed, we add some high fat oil to it, in order to get them softer.

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