The food and snacks has been really good the past few days.  Too good.  I’m pretty sure that I am fatter.

I promise you that I have does fatter than I normally do.  And they are a bunch of welfare acting morons.  They constantly have a round bale of cover crop mix (cowpeas, teff grass, german millet, hay grazer, collard greens, okra, crabgrass)  Very good hay.  I also feed them a 14% protein pellet every evening.  They turn into crackheads when they hear any movement towards their run.  One in particular.  I hate this 10 minute period of time every evening.  It doesn’t matter if there are 20 does or 120, they are miserable creatures.

In the great movie, “The Cowboys”, John Wayne’s character tells the boys that a cow is the orneriest, meanest, most destructive animal GOD ever created.   Obviously, he hadn’t dealt with a doe goat.  Dang, that is such a good movie.  It is a western, a coming-of-age story, action movie, deals with age stereotypes, racism, just a touch of sex and has some great comedic lines.  I won’t argue if one says that this is the best John Wayne movie.

Some genetics just don’t convert feed.  This has become an issue in all species but it shouldn’t be a positive.  Currently dealing with several wethers that are eating good, get wormed monthly, kept warm, get a dose of Marquis monthly, yet they are gaining only a couple of pounds per month.  They are healthy and look good.  They are just non-converters.

On other hand, there are some goats that are flat cranking and putting the pounds on.  It is a genetic thing and current trends look like we will continue to deal with the slow-grows as long as they look good and win.


I hope everyone had a merry Christmas.  Please remember those that don’t have it as fortunate as all of us.  There are those that didn’t have family or friends, didn’t have much food and dang sure not the quality that we enjoyed and those that didn’t exchange gifts or enjoy warm housing.  Send some prayers for those serving as well.  Their sacrifices is what allows all of us to enjoy our blessings.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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