How much do I exercise my goat?  Do I use a track dog?  What about a treadmill?  Should I exercise my goat?

All valid questions.

1–If it is a wether, then he needs short, hard sprints.  You want them built more like a running back as opposed to a Kenyan marathon runner.  Short, hard bursts–100-150 yards–TOPS!  Show does need some exercise in order to harden them.  I recommend running a doe a 100 yards at least twice a week.

2–We have never used a track dog.  Why?  Because I can’t stand the thought of a dog that sits in a pen all day, crapping 12 pound piles, just waiting for the 15 minutes it gets out to chase a goat in a circle.  If we had 8-12 wethers on feed, then we would have to utilize a dog to exercise goats.  A good dog is expensive, hard to find and takes a lot of management.  When used properly, a track dog is a valuable tool.  When not used properly, your best goat will need stitches, a splint or a burial hole.  Dogs are for adults to use, not kids.

3–A treadmill works good on sheep.  Not so good on goats.  I gave ours away years ago.  Running on a treadmill does not give the natural adrenaline burst.  Plus, you can cause more pastern problems.  I wouldn’t recommend a treadmill for goats.  Backwards or forwards.

4–By all means, a wether goat MUST be exercised.  Sprinting helps build muscle, ups their metabolism, burns fat and gives a goat a shot of adrenaline.  Each person needs to figure out their exercise plan.  Remember, short, hard sprints; not marathons.


Our exercise program consists of a 4 wheeler, a Duke and a corgi.  Duke rides the 4 wheeler down the road and parks it.  He gets a goat out on the chain and walks it to the 4 wheeler.  He turns the goat loose, jumps on the 4 wheeler and chases the wether back to the pen.  The corgi barks the whole time the 4 wheeler is running.  The wether runs back to its pen lilke a spotted ass zebra.  Repeat process until all 3 wethers have been ran.  Then feed.  

How fast is a spotted ass zebra?  They are so fast that you have never seen one.  All you have seen is the slower striped ass zebras like the kind a lion eats on nature channels.

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