Sometimes, the goat is an animal associated with the dark lord, satan.  I firmly believe that it is not just any goat but, specifically, a doe goat.  There is not a more evil, destructive animal than a doe goat.  Baby, pamper, provide them with excellent shelter, hay, feed, clean, fresh water and how do they repay you.  By crapping in their water, their feeders, destroying kidding pen panels, hitting kids that stick their heads near or through the panels.  If you can’t tell, I want this set of recips gone…far, far away. 

     First, they weren’t cheap.  Second, they have been well cared for.  Thirdly, they were supposed to have twins.  Nope.  And last, they are destructive, worthless satanic wrenches.  

     I have never had a Premier brand heat lamp broken.  Bulb, yes.  Cords chewed on, sure.  But broken?  In the past eight years, not even one.  Until this week.  And we are up to THREE!  RUKM?!  For Christ’s sake, it is the Christmas season.  Can’t they be decent for a few days?

     This flush deal is expensive to begin with, but when you have to start adding in broken heat lamps at $40 apiece, broke panels and then the mental suffering and frustration of dealing with a doe that you wouldn’t normally have on your place, well.  It just makes sit back and think about things.  

    I guess it could be worse.  I could be a UPS or FEDEX driver.  Those poor son-of-a-guns are run ragged.  I think this whole internet shopping is wearing them out.