All of us now have new definitions of what essential actually is?

Obviously, anybody selling ass-wipe, booze, eggs and vegetable plants are dang sure essential.  Our greenhouse sale has gone really well.  It’s crazy how many people are hunting vegetable plants.  Tammy has been like a non-commission drug dealer.  She’s been hunting and gathering plants and then dispersing them to whomever had hollered out a need.

I tilled up garden spots today.  And, the mail delivered me a box of taters for planting.  Perfect.  Getting ready to have plants growing and meat in numerous freezers.  But what happens if we lose electricity?  Well, then we will be –ff-ed.  The electric companies might be the MOST essential business.

We all love sports.  I was planning on watching a wicked-group of Shattuck High baseball players this spring.   But NOOOO!!   ESPN has kept four channels going without showing any live/current sporting events.  They are way amped for the nfl draft.  And this bulls series.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I will.

We pay athletes how much?  And they are doing what now?  Essential, probably not.

There are so many musicians doing different benefits.  Country, rock, pop, opera, doesn’t make a rat’s ass…..if they have talent, they are doing a wide variety of online benefits.  They are keeping fans, making new fans and generating dollars for hopefully, worthy causes.  Although, the air guitar crap that the Rolling Stones did was not essential.  At least they could have plugged head phones in and actually been hitting drums.  Who is more essential?  Athletes or musicians?  I don’t need to answer.

Essential–anybody making adult beverages.  Also, local butchers are staying swamped.  We’ve got a bad-ass grocery store in Shattuck.  The crew at Venture Foods has kept shelves close to full and NOT price gouged.  I was a fan of this crew before, but now they are LEGENDARY ESSENTIAL!

None of us can live without petroleum products, but the oil market is in the shitter.  This ain’t good for none of us.

In the show stock industry, online marketers have become essential.  I do know the first people that EVER held an online goat sale (Kela, Tommy, Julie & my dumbass) and I will guarantee you that nobody saw the April of 2020 as being the busiest online livestock marketing month of ALL-time.  April isn’t done, but there has been a record amount of online sales this month.  Watch this trend continue.  AND it is now apparent who have been holding REAL sales and who have been holding BS deals.  As for me, I will continue to move product at prices that fit the masses.

Does that make me essential?   You bet.  However, the Dragon Lady may disagree.


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