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It is the world that we live in.  ESPN has changed a lot in our society over the past 30 years.  I’m not knocking them.  I spent over the past decade starting my weekdays with Mike & Mike.  Now, since that show has come to a close, I started with a new show that still has Golic.

We now analyze, rank and critique every high school, college and pro athlete.  There are numerous internet and magazine publications dedicated to the news of college football recruits.  Every major college is ranked and given a score for each class of recruits that they sign.  Then, there are days of tv filled with these college kids heading to the nfl combine and then an entire week dedicated to the draft–several days talking about who will go where, then three days of the draft and then several days talking about who went where, too high or too low.

ESPN, combined with social media, has changed the way coaches are hired and when they are fired.  Too many coaches are fired too quickly in a knee jerk reaction to keep fans happy.  Sometimes, it takes a while to build a program.

I have seen Facebook posts of Okie State fans wanting Gundy gone.  They are retards. He has built this program into a consistent winning team.  Of course, I wish that he could beat ou more often.  But, his teams consistently win 9 or 10 games a year.  That didn’t happen very often before him.  He is the winningest coach in OSU history.  And if they did let him go, why would anybody want to replace him?  He has also built it with out getting the top flight recruits.  The current team only has one 4or 5 star recruit.  And that dude originally signed with LSU and transferred.  So, the rest of the team, including Mason Rudolph and James Washington were 3 star or lower recruits.  That is a sign that these coaches recognize talent and are able to build players.  However, it would be nice to have a few more of those “can’t miss” prospects on the roster.

Our stock show industry operates in much the same way.  Lots of people worry about which bull, buck or boar is the sire.  They only want to buy out of the current “hot” sire.  They only want to buy the best looking in the pen.  They aren’t interested in the next best one, even if they can’t afford the “good” one.

Some buyers cannot recognize a bargain.  If it doesn’t cost a certain amount, it ain’t good enough.  And there are those who worry too much about what others are spending, instead of just finding the best one to fit their budget.  You know, in ESPN draft terms, the best available player on the board regardless of position.  I routinely get out bid by Texans.  Oh well, we don’t have to show against that one.

And once the animals are on feed and then shown, there are those who never get out shown, out fed or out worked.  But they don’t always win either.  They always get beat because of, yep, you guessed it—-politics.  It is always the judges fault.  Granted, sometimes, they are correct.  But, dang sure not every time.

I have been guilty of all of the above.  I have bought goats that I had ranked really high and then got them bought far cheaper than I expected.  Then I spent the drive home wondering what was wrong with them.  Kind of like Dan Marino falling in the ’83 draft.  Those are normally the kind that I like.

I have also bid too far on some that didn’t turn out as well as expected.  Maybe, I wanted them to be better than they were because they were out of a certain buck.  Or maybe they just looked a little too good that day and that was the best day of their life.  Kind of like Tony Mandarich in the ’89 draft.  Yeah, he got drafted in front of 3 future hall of famers–Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion Sanders.

I have sold goats that turned out to be busts.  I didn’t and don’t like it, but it happens.  In 2015, I sold a set of 5 wethers at Norman that all brought a pile of cash.  I thought that they were good.  They sold real good.  But not all have them turned out.  The highest priced one crapped out.  3 of the 5 made the premium sale at Woodward District with one being grand.  Two of them made the sale at OYE with a 3rd one being first alternate.  Not a bust, but I still wonder how and why that one didn’t click.

I have also sold goats that I knew were dang good and they didn’t bring near what they should have.  In 2014, we had the labor day sale here at the farm.  I had a Rumour x Dirt wether that I thought was wicked good.  He wasn’t skinny and green.  I knew that he would bring $4 to 6K.  I knew it so much, I didn’t even have him price protected for Duke.  But, he brought $2,25o.  Bad for Duke but luckily for all parties, he went to a good home and ended up being bronze medallion at OYE in 2015.

Too many feeders will want to change brands of feed in mid-stream.  Or use some useless additive because they heard so and so was using it.  Or they give up on one because he doesn’t look like a champion in November but when those genetics kick in could look good come March.  Or they start listening to the wrong people or worse, they listen to too many people.  And there are those like me, that should listen to somebody other than the voices in my own head.  I can get like some Okie State fans and just be retarded.

Not much of a point with this post but it all kind of fits.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow. Peace out!

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