I’ve had plenty of people reach out to me about what equipment we will be selling.  Honest answer.  I don’t know and I’m not going to think about it until I don’t have goats around here.  I’m sure that there will be some creep feeders and feed troughs.  Maybe some round bale feeders and maybe some square bale feeders.  Maybe I’ll sell the semen tank but then I would still need one for cattle juice.

Clipping stands…maybe.  Maybe not.  Clippers, no, well maybe.  Because I’ve got a lot of different clippers and blades.  Then again, if I’ve got that many clippers, I probably need to part with some.  Kidding pens…sure, probably.  Horn burners, burning boxes, show boxes, trailers and such….yep.

Scales–probably should.  I think every show family needs a set of scales.  However, we don’t show anymore and we have 2 sets of scales.  I could probably part with a set.  I think I will.  Although, I do occasionally weigh myself.

Popper—NO.  I use it for multiple things for myself.  And I use it in the ag pickup.  Neighbors borrow it.  Can’t replace it.

Blowers—-there are a pair of Sullivan blowers.  Both–definitely NOT!   One of them–maybe.  Blowers are great to use to clean out grain drill boxes.  Blow out air filters.  Clean shop floors.  Blow out spider webs in barn corners.  Get done brush beating and you can blow all the grass off the top of the beater.  And after tonight, blow dry newborn calves.  Too many uses and new ones cost too much.

And I dang sure am not getting rid of my red “show box” bucket that I won at an NRA drawing.  Too many miles and memories with that bucket.

It’s butt-ass cold here.  And sounds like it will get worse.  I’m glad that I don’t live north of here.  I put straw bales down in all of the barns and huts.  Especially with the bucks.  That way they don’t freeze their nuts to the ground.


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