Epic Fail!

Monday was flush day at Seelke’s place.  Jodi & I had 3 donors scheduled, Jodi & Bob had one, Sweet’s had two, Teel’s had one and Poe/Spradlin had one.  John & Jackie Edwards were going to do the ET work.  I like working with them.  Lots of help was there to do the manual labor.  The local vet was present to administer drugs.  Darbie Ross and Kory Dietz had recips there ready for frozen embryos.  This was supposed to be a fun day.  

Jodi, Bob and I  haven’t been looking forward to this date for the past 2 weeks as the highest priced donor deciced to give up life.  While living in the air conditioned barn.  Don’t know why.  It’s just a goat thing.  Then throw in some other circumstances and this wasn’t looking like near the fun deal that it was supposed to be.  

About half way through the donors, I walked into the lab trailer, John was just sewing another doe up.  He took a look at my t shirt and said, “You need to go change shirts?”  I thought WTH?  Then I looked at it.  It was harmless when I put it on that morning.  But now, the Wile E. Coyote holding a sign that read “Epic Fail!”  took on a new meaning.  Turns out, he was right.

At the end of cutting open 7 donors, there were ZERO embryos to transfer.  7 donors bred to 5 different bucks at 4 different locations and ZERO transfers.  The eggs were there, but not fertilized.  In all their years of performing ET work in goats, the Edwards have never had a day like this before where NO embryos were collected.  It truly was an Epic Fail!  So, they moved right into thawing out frozens and putting them in.  

Jodi had an epic spread fixed for lunch.  And the help was epic.  Price Poe, at 7 years of age, outworked all of us old farts.  

I am ready for the month of July 2016 to be over.  The goat industry has not been kind to the Seelke’s or Kelln’s.