Made it to the Enid show.  This has routinely been one of the toughest shows in the state–does and wethers.  Phil Stacy did the judging.  I won’t say that I agreed with every placing, but he ended up with top notch goats that patterned up extremely well.  Structurally correct, balance, with a good look and enough muscle.  His three division champion wethers matched type and kind very well.  You can always count on Phil to be consistent with the type that he likes.  Very complete.  

     The top end of the wether show was very good.  However, I don’t think there was that magical, OMG, look at that one.  Of course, that one may be sitting at home waiting to go to OYE.  Schovanec’s had grand and reserve with the Lough boy from Hennessey getting bronze.

      The doe show, on the other hand, had pile of good ones.  That deal was stacked.  There was 10 or 12 does that one could justify using to win a show.  There was some really tough classes and divisions.  Karissa Pfeiffer wins it, followed by Tanner Miller and then Tori Sessions was bronze.  I personally would have juggled some of the top 5, but I’m not arguing because they were all extremely high quality and I would have been proud to raise or show any one of them.  

     Joe Dirt had a good day as he sired a couple of class winning does including Braden Schovanec’s res. div. 2 that ended up being 5th overall.  In the wether show, he sired several 4 of the 13 class winners and a couple of 2nd place wethers.  The Reserve grand wether and the reserve div. 3 champion were sired by Joe Dirt.  

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