I might have been looking at a certain other website, that I kind of like to frequent.  It has lots of humour on it.  One of their topics was discussing the English language.  I can’t argue with the posts as it provides some definite proof that our language is plumb sideways.

I haven’t seen any of his stuff in quite some time, but I always enjoyed the humour and wit of Gallagher.  Hold on, hold on…I’m referring to the comedian Gallagher, not Garland Gallagher.  We’re talking about Gallagher–the dude that used to smash the watermelons at the end of his shows.  Garland Gallagher doesn’t smash melons.  He just gets in lots of banner pics with LOTS of winning Gallagher-bred goats at the end of major shows.   Ha!  

Anyways, I enjoyed reading these posts regarding the English language.  Here is an excerpt.






Why don’t these words rhyme?  But for some reason, pony and bologna do rhyme!


Have a good one!