Duke had an ecounter with a doe saturday evening. We had turned does and babies out into the corral to enjoy a sunny afternoon. We were putting them back into their pens when B17 decided to turn around and head back out. Duke tried to “Ole!” as she ran by and he grabbed her horns. He couldn’t stop her. They hit a slick spot and they both went down head first. I saw his forehead bounce off of the concrete. He didn’t let go and he didn’t cry. I asked if he was okay. He said “My knee hurts.”

I saw the huge goose-egg on his forehead. I checked his eyes and he was fine. He limped around for a little while, then we finished putting goats up. He didn’t see the knot until he got to the house and I had him look in the mirror. It scared him. His mother about crapped when she saw it.

Tammy asked him what he wanted for supper. He said that he wasn’t hungry. She said, “Are you sure you don’t want something to eat?” He replied, “I’ve got a big goose egg that I can snack on if I get hungry.”

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