Empty Show Pens

When we got done with getting our asses handed to us at OYE, we didn’t load the wethers on the taco wagon.  We brought both goats and a pair of hair sheep home.  The two hair sheep found homes fairly quick.  Good and Cheap makes for a quick sale.  The two Willie High $ show goats were both gone to new homes by the end of April.  Moneywise, I could have done better, but I wanted them in homes that had a chance.  Once again, I am a dumb ass.  Peace of mind is worth a lot in this household.

Then, I started buying lambs for students.  We didn’t have pens ready at the ag farm.  So, I used Duke’s show pens.  This lasted until a week ago when I finally moved lambs to the ag farm.  Basically, the pens sat idle from last Monday until tonight.  And then I dumped a few wether goats into these pens.  I need a couple of days to sort, doctor and get them on feed.  These pens were handy.

There is NO empty nest syndrome at the Kelln Kompound.  I’m glad to have the pens handy to use.  However, I am REAL GLAD to be an EX show parent.  As a family, we had a helluva run.  Highs as well as lows with the arrow trending towards high.  I remember all of the highs but I felt every damn low.  It is done and I am thankful for that.

Looking forward, I see Duke showing up to major shows to help good showmen.  He likes working with Keester and Schoovy.  I see Tammy helping where Tammy wants to help.  And it will be noticeable with who she helps.  They tend to get pictures, jackets and awards.

As for me, I am an addict.  Although, a recovering addict.  I’m fine with an empty set of show pens.  But I have no problem guiding a good kid or three that are willing to work.  I hope that they are Shattuck kids but a zip code has never mattered to me.  It is fun to see the desire to do right and the required work ethic kick in gear with a kid.  No matter the $s, that is the part that gets me excited.

I probably ought to proof read this deal.  But, I’m not in the mood.  Peace out, GOD speed and let’s have a good tomorrow and a fabulous week going forward.  I had a heckuva Monday, so it only gets better from there.

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