Elite Salesman

I do not remember the exact year.  But I do know that it was in the mid to late 80s.  I remember looking at a magazine and there was color pictures.  OOOHHHH yeah!   It wasn’t playboy or some other porn.  It was better!  It was the two page spread of Payton Scott’s club calves.  Oh man!  That deal was fun to look at.

I remember the first time that I went through Rising Star, TX.  DUDE!!!!!  There  is a salesman near here, somewhere.  I don’t have a cool story.  But 3 plus decades later, I still remember who Payton Scott was.  And I do know that he moved a lot of calves.

On this site, we like to make lists of best whatever.  I am going to make a list of the greatest salesman of all time.  Legal.

This list starts and ends with Simon Cowell.  What an ass!?  But think of the millions that he has made others, all while cashing a check himself on every move.  Tammy hollered, while I was waiting on a pot pie to cool down.  “Chris, do you remember Susan Boyle?”

” Yes”, I replied.  She yelled back, “She is on tv again.”

So I carried my little pan of cooling magma into the living room and watched.  Way cool.  That dude made her famous 10 years  ago.  And now, he trotted her back out a decade later.  They both made bank.  Cool.

That dude is wicked good at what he does.  He may not be likable but he makes money for all involved.  He is the elite salesman.


By the way, if you want to buy one of those lasers.  Just under $8,000.  I can hook you up with the dealer.

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