The dreaded doe kid curse has returned to Kelln Livestock.  The plan was for buck kids–nope.  Hopefully, this blog will change the luck.  However, I doubt it.  I guess if they are good, it doesn’t really matter.  

I see saw lots of various posts regarding Mark Hamill.  If you don’t know, this was the dude that plays Luke Skywalker.  If you keep up with those-in-the-know, they had some trouble getting all of the original cast to committ to the latest Star Wars episode; The Force Awakens.  For some reason, I feel that Harrison Ford reluctantly agreed to play Han Solo one last time.  “Dude, I’ll do it so that the rest of you can cash some checks.  But, please kill me off in this episode.”  Nothing wrong with a big timer helping the rest to cash a check.  

The wind has returned.  

I’ve got a conversation to tend to.  So, I need to log off.  Headed south again this weekend.  Don’t know why.  There are piles of wicked good goats in Oklahoma.  Maybe better.  We’ll see.