Well, I’m going to do my part to help the economy. We got home from the state fair and the air conditioner had quit. The A/C unit has issues that are being repaired. Now, we are waiting on parts to get it fixed. I would imagine that it was just flat wore out from April to September being 110. The roof is going to have to be replaced after the hail storm a week ago. The dryer quit on Sunday. I love spending money on unexpected stuff like that.

If you have ever been to our little piece of paradise, then you aware that our county district doesn’t believe in using gyp rock, but instead uses 4 1/2″ jagged edge boulders. As a result of this, I buy a lot of tires. K&S tire is going to like me this week. I took a tire off the power ranger this morning which probably can’t be fixed. I am also going to have to replace two tires on one of my trailers.

Anybody that wants a job in this part of the world, has a job. I had to replace a parts guy this past month. I could write a book about the parts guy that we don’t have anymore. I don’t know where he is now, but I hope he didn’t get scalped. Got lucky and found a new one with a strong ag background. I need to hire several service techs, but with the oilfield being very active, that is hard to do. We have lost 4 mechanics this summer to the oilfield. I have been running ads in various newspapers in 3 different states for the past three weeks. I have even resorted to calling mechanics at other dealers, oilfield and auto mechanics. All that I have accomplished is gotten those guys raises and better benefits at their current jobs. We are a better economic stimulus package than what your president came up with.

Time to get out of the house. Got an auction to attend and parts to deliver. Then end up back home tonight and try to get goats ready for the Duke’s Up sale, which will generate some cash for Milligan Web Designs.


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