I do like to eat.  Especially at places that I don’t get to go to very often.  We hit our annual stops at several restaurants in the Phoenix area.

La Piñata–consistently very good Mexican food.

My Mothers–turkey pot pie, fresh bread, way full when done.

Pappadeaux’s–I think all of the stock show was at Pappadeaux’s on Sunday evening.

The Duce–brisket sliders and cold beverages.  We watched the Notre Dame game while there.  That didn’t go so well for the Irish.


We did hit a couple of new places.  Matt’s Big Breakfst was way good.  The salami scramble was top shelf.


And then we went to a chicken place.  I don’t normally eat chicken.  So, it took me a bit to decide to try this deal.  Last year, Shroyer ate at this place 3 or 4 times.  Isbell’s went to it and came back raving about it.  So, Duke and I decided to give Lo-Lo’s Chicken a try.  The appetizers were huge and good.  I hedged my bet on the chicken and ordered a piece of chicken with a piece of catfish.  Good choice.  Best catfish that I’ve ever had.  Best corn bread that I’ve ever had.  Iced tea was perfect.  Red beans & rice were very good.  Fun place with huge portions.  All the Kool Aid that you would ever want.


We stopped in Las Cruces on New Years Eve.  I pulled into a gas station and fueled up.  Duke and I weren’t starving so we decided to get us a gas station hot dog right off the rollers.  The clerk had just clocked in and said that she didn’t know how fresh the hot dogs were, so they were free.  Duke then inquired about the Krispy Kreme donuts.  She said “Take one.”  So he took ONE box of donuts.  Fortunately, the hot dogs were still good and caused no gut incidents.


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