It was definitely a different Easter Sunday.  The Kelln’s normally gather in Shattuck for Mass followed by a huge lunch at the parent’s.  Prime rib with all of the fixings.

Tammy livestreamed an Easter service and then hand-made egg rolls.  Yeah, like oriental style egg rolls.  They are good but not what I’m used to eating at Easter.

I did watch a live streaming concert on youtube.  Andrea Bocelli from the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Unbelievable talent in an absolute beautiful building.  After the concert was over, I watched numerous other youtube videos of this dude singing.  I watched several renditions of him singing “Con te  partiro”  or “Time to say goodbye” with several different lady singers–in English and in Italian.  No matter the language, I can’t get the Catalina Wine Mixer out of my head.  Will Ferrel killed that part.

Old School is another movie that has forever changed the lyrics to a popular song.  Once you’ve seen that movie, it is hard to un-hear the Bonnie Tyler song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Easter Sunday was a windy, cold, miserable SOB outside.  The wind is hard to handle.  And since it was nasty outside, I watched some youtube video of the Three Tenors.  Those dudes could wail. I actually have a CD of them.  One of the videos that I watched was the Three Tenors singing Sinatra’s “My Way” and Sinatra was in the front row of the concert.  That is bad ass!

Tammy watched numerous episodes of The Ranch and then we watched the new Tiger King interview show.  The middle brother had referenced the nanny in a book face comment LATE Saturday night.  They showed a pic of her and the nanny is hot.  And that buck is wicked good!

Stay warm, stay safe and I’m ready to get through all of this crap.  Go spark up some of those videos.

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