E.M. Tiffany

There was a reason that E.M. Tiffany wrote the line “the joys and discomforts of agricultural life”.  We all have seen it.  Drought, blizzards, fire, disease and death are all part of the discomforts.  Birth, growth, sales and genetic match ups that worked are all part of the joys.

The buck sale was an absolute joy.  Sure, it went well money wise.  But better yet was the # of people that found their way to Fargo, OK to look at this set.  Or they sent people here to look.    Or even better, the livestock legends that trusted the pictures,  what was written and said about the animals.  Even if they don’t like online sales.  I admire the trust.

All that came saw every goat.  Nothing held back.  Some will say that I saved the best one for the Banners and Backdrops.  Others will disagree.  But they saw them all in their natural environment.  These goats were forged from wicked mothers, proven fathers and they dealt with heat, cold, ice storms, smoke and the ever present NW OK wind.  Several withstood strong offers to have their nuts banded.  

I had wonderful phone calls from previous buyers and the success of their goat sales from bucks in last year’s sale.  I love those kind of calls.  

Those that truly know me and Tammy, truly understand that it is not about the money.  Sure, it takes a pile of money just to raise a set of yearling bucks.  Over $3,000 in washing, clipping and photoing this set–money spent in one day.  Over $3,000 in feed from last July to now.  Plus commission. Then figure in the hoof trimming, time filling feeders, etc., etc., etc.  Plus the cost of the genetics assembled that made them.  Add in over a decade of doing this.  All worthwhile for us to meet new people.  Sell 9 goats to 8 different states.  California to Maryland.  Literally coast to coast.  Some of the biggest, best known breeders in the business to new breeders that only have 7 does.  And others wanting to take the next step. 

And those of you, regardless of species, that sell online will understand the joys and discomforts of the pickups, deliveries and making connections with trailers to all these other places.  But, I chose this and I love it.

To top it off, it is getting late tonight, but it is still early.  We have first timers kidding.  One has popped out twins–buck kids (YESSS!!  Law & Order x Dirty Rain).  Another is waiting.  While another is cleaning kids–a BIG son-of-a-gun that I had to pull. (I knew that he wouldn’t make it)–discomforts.  But, he is ALIVE! (joys–so far).

Thanks to all that have helped along the way.  Even if I wrote a check for the help.  It was appreciated.

Simply put, I appreciate, get pissed at, love and abhor the joys and discomforts that are associated in the agriculture business.  But nonetheless, I thank each and everyone of you that called, came to look, sent somebody to look, bid or bought on this buck sale.  Or for that matter, the semen sale(s).  Sincerely, THANK YOU!

And as much as I like the buyers, bidders, lookers, friends and helpers, none of it adds up to the fact that this was a project started by Kela, built by Tammy and I and continued with Duke.  Now, there are your true Joys and Discomforts.  (and I am real sure that all 3 would rank me in the Discomfort side).

Thank you and have a wonderful tomorrow.

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